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The Squires Loft – a new and exceptional dining experience in Koh Samui

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The Squires Loft – a new and exceptional dining experience in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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A new restaurant has recently opened its doors in the romantic Fisherman’s village of Bophut. The Squires Loft steakhouse, a venue that has a long and interesting history that started in Australia. Squires Loft steakhouses were established in 1995 in Melbourne Victoria Australia and from the very get-go have been striving to serve only high quality cuts of pasture and grain fed beef, sourced from the lush pastures of Gippsland in Victoria.

squires loft Samui 4The quality of meat being served in Bophut certainly attains the high standard set by the Squires Loft team and equally impressive is the venue. It has to be said that the restaurant itself is vast, one could be forgiven, at a passing glimpse, to assume there were only a few diners, but on closer inspection it becomes obvious that space is not at a premium here, and even when the restaurant is almost full there is still plenty of space left available for those wishing to enjoy an un-cramped dining experience.

The main part of the restaurant, to the front, combines Chinese style wooden walls and shutters with an almost colonial style floor tiling. Tables are neatly laid in an un-fussy style that adds a touch of elegance to the surroundings. Beyond the main dining area is a comfortable more informal seating area where pre and post dinner drinks can be enjoyed and beyond that is a large bar area with spectacular lighting and stone wall features as well as a walk in wine cellar. A second bar serving the restaurant is ample in size and serves the large terrace area outside where alfresco dining can be enjoyed as well as a cigarette or cigar.

squires loft Samui 3The friendly staff have been trained to a very high standard by the management team who are enthusiastic and efficient to a fault. It’s rare to see quite so much organization, passion and flair from management who in other venues stay firmly behind the scenes. This very hands on approach comes from owners Michael and Troy who have both taken the big move from Australia to live on our beautiful island. Troy started his journey with the Squires Loft as a bar man back in 1998 in Melbourne. Since then he has owned and opened up 4 stores and is still very passionate about the brand and excited to bring the tastes of the Squires Loft to Koh Samui. For Michael this is his first step on the Squires Loft road as part of the team, he has been a regular and loyal customer for over ten years and of course, brings his passion for the products with him.

After a pre dinner glass of wine or ice cold beer you can choose from a warm and rich dish of Baked Mushrooms & Fetta with a either garlic or herb butter or the Char-grilled black tiger prawn kebab with Squires loft very own and unique baste, Marinated chicken breast fillet kebab, delectable Grilled Wagyu beef sausage with a touch of chili on the squires loft Samui 2side, Lamb loin chops served with mint jelly, a half or full rack of Pork spare ribs – boiled for tenderness and marinated for five days all represent excellent options! If you are dining with friends, and this dining experience certainly warrants it, why not try the Entrée platter for four and dig into ribs, sausages, prawns and that devilishly good Garlic feta mushroom dish.

When it comes to steaks be it the ultimate tender cut 200gram or 300gram Eye Fillet or the mouth watering taste sensation 400gram Rib Eye the Squires Loft have every cut of beef available to satisfy your needs. The 200g rump has a firmer texture and the finest flavor, the 250 or 350g Porterhouse has a rich beefy taste with a run of fat along the side. The 200 or 300g eye fillet is amazingly lean and tender while the 300g Scotch fillet has a run of flavor-giving fat through its centre. If you like your steak on the bone then try the 400g Rib Eye on the bone which gives the meat and extra dimension with a bit of fat or the 500g T-bone with eye fillet on one side and porterhouse on the other. If you really want to treat yourself then look no further than the 400g grain fed for 120 days Black Angus Porterhouse, you will certainly not be disappointed. No matter which steak you choose not only will you not require anything more than a butter knife to cut it, in this instance the steak is so tender you will not even require a tooth pick. The steak here can only be described as exceptional in terms of flavor and texture and the chef and his team are well versed in cooking it to your exact preference. What is also impressive is the consistent quality of both the product and the sear, when you have had one superb steak here it’s reassuring to know the next time you go you will enjoy the exact same gastronomic experience.

Squires loft Samui 1If you or another member of your party prefer something other than steak for your main you can choose from Spare Ribs, delicious plump Lamb Chops, Chicken Breast, the Beef and Reef with Eye fillet and Tiger prawns, Char grilled salmon, Wagyu beef sausages or Tiger prawns. Unusually for a steakhouse there is also a fine Veg platter for those who do not eat meat at all. The fabulous marinated Wagyu Burger is also well worthy of a mention with its marinated patty that is char grilled and then served on a bun with tomato, onion and cheese and like all of the dishes can be accompanied by Mushroom, Black Pepper, BBQ, Creamy Garlic, Green Pepper, Baste or the incredible Blue Cheese sauce. All of the mains are served with French fries or baked potato, you can add friend onions, Baked mushrooms with feta and char grilled veg as extras if you wish.

If you fancy something lighter then a fine selection of salads are available – Warm beef, Garden, Greek, Caesar and Warm chicken to name but a few.

To end your journey into the Squires Loft if you still have room, the Double chocolate hot fudge cake is unsurprisingly a favorite served with warm with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. The warm sticky date pudding with butterscotch and ice cream is another favorite if you prefer something less decadent then stand alone ice cream dishes are also available.

The drinks menu has plenty to offer, including ‘posh’ water (Santa Vittoria), fruit and milk shakes as well as soft drinks for those not drinking alcohol and a fine range of special cocktails for those who do. Of course as you would expect for a venue of this quality the wine list is well chosen and has something for everybody with good selections of sparkling white, sweet wine, champagne, red, white, rose and premium selections.

Thanks the recent addition to the Fisherman’s village scene, the Wharf, parking is very easy, from the Wharf beachside exit simply turn right and head into the heart of the village, the Squires Loft can be found in the right hand side.

On a final note the grand size of this venue and the exceptional hospitality to be found it here it makes an excellent choice for large groups and private functions. With vast indoor and outdoor areas this is one place where the occasional tropical rain will not stop play.

For more information visit the Squires Loft Facebook page by clicking here

The Squires Loft is open daily from 4pm till 11.





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