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The wait is finally over – please welcome Thailand’s “Smart Police”

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The wait is finally over – please welcome Thailand’s “Smart Police” | Samui Times
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Commissioner Sanit Mahthavorn proudly unveiled the latest program to bring more expert policing to Thailand – he presented the “Smart Police” project on Friday.
Designed to provide better service to the public the Smart Police project will train officers in Region 7 of the metropolitan force to do their job better.
And to prove this Commissioner Sanit used some purpose built equipment to demonstrate how to calm and subdue a madman before revealing his skills at bring a rather large snake to justice.
The demonstrations for reporters took place at the Bangkok Thonburi University campus.
While the rod for the snake looked recognizable as something used by foundation workers called to many houses in the rainy season recently the tools for subduing the lunatic looked to be fashioned from something resembling PVC pipe with hooks for added efficacy.
Sanit said that the program would enhance the ability of the men under his command and when it is successful as expected it will be expanded to other areas of the force so all can benefit.
Officers will also be trained how to use mobile phones to access the National Police database.
These familiar hand held devices will be used to check in the field on warrants for suspects, criminal histories and details to do with motoring offences such as licenses and other information about drivers.
No comment was made in the tnamcot report about the budget for the Smart Police initiative.
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