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The Wolverine Review

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The Wolverine Review | Samui Times

Wolverine is back! And he’s bigger and badder than ever before. The Wolverine is a thrilling ride to Japan that sees Wolverine fall in love, fight ninjas and battle a gigantic Samurai warrior. All in all it’s a good heap of fun that’s well worth a watch.

Hugh Jackman is back in his 6th appearance as Logan/Wolverine and even though Wolverine and Jackman have become synonymous over the years, this latest iteration sees him delivering his best performance yet, both physically and emotionally.  The Wolverine follows Logan has he jets off to Japan at the request of a man named Yushida whom he saved a very long time ago, ostensibly to say goodbye to a friend. There he also meets his old friend’s granddaughter and a love interest is born. Things aren’t exactly as they seem and before long Logan finds himself in the unusual position of being vulnerable as he tries to save  his new found love and himself.

Tao Okamoto stars as Mariko, Logan’s love interest and considering that this is her first big screen appearance, she really brings a lot of emotional depth and strength to the character. Rila Fukushima plays Yukio, who is essentially Mariko’s adopted sister and her protector of sorts. The relationship between Logan and Mariko feels a bit strained to start off with but it eventually warms up to something deeper and more meaningful, but the initial strain is understandable, especially considering Logan’s history with loved ones.

The story basically follows on from X-Men: The Last Stand and sees Logan in a state of isolation after the death of Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) and the disbandment of the X-Men. He is constantly fighting a battle with himself to let go of the past and find something meaningful and it seems that Mariko is the thing he is looking for. It’s also fascinating seeing him in a vulnerable position where he can for the first time, get injured and die. But even though he is in such a position, his true warrior spirit shines through as he fearlessly battles whomever gets in his way or poses any danger to those he cares for.

Director James Mangold does an excellent job both in terms of action and emotion. The action set pieces are fantastic and fast paced, especially seeing Wolverine battle with the gigantic Samurai warrior and the battle on the train. Emotion runs deep (well, about as deep as a X-Men movie allows) as Wolverine struggles with his past, his present and the future.

Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) is a character that one can feel little for as she is cold, calculating and simply evil. She is not a character that one likes but I guess that would’ve been the intention.

Overall The Wolverine is a really enjoyable movie. There are no major flaws and it’s all delivered in a nice package filled with action, emotion and some dry humour. And remember to wait for the post credit scene.

Samuitimes gives The Wolverine 8 palms out of 10.



The Wolverine is now showing in Major Cineplex Koh Samui.

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