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Theft in Plai Laem Samui – inside job suspected

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Theft in Plai Laem Samui – inside job suspected | Samui Times
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Expecting to have a trouble free and relaxing holiday a family of 4 arrived on Koh Samui on the 5th of April and moved into their holiday accommodation at the Diamond Pool Villa in Plai Laem. On arrival the family where shown around the villa by Porn, the villa maid. Two safes were pointed out during the arrival orientation tour of the villa, one in the downstairs bedroom and one, in the master bedroom, that Porn advised was broken. The family placed their money and passports into the working safe for safe keeping. The first few days of the family vacation was without incident and trips were made to the working safe when cash or passports were needed.

pool villaOn Monday the family went out during the day to enjoy the beach and hot weather. On their return to the villa they showered and got ready for dinner. At around 6pm they secured the villa usual ensuring all doors were locked before going out to eat.

On arrival back at the villa at approximately 9.30pm the holiday makers enjoyed some drinks around the patio before retiring to bed.

On Tuesday morning the family rose and got ready to go to the beach, however when they went to take some money from the safe they were horrified to find the safe, that had not been bolted down, had gone. A call was put into Bophut Police Station and around 30 minutes later some officers turned up and advised the family to call into the station to make a report. Before leaving for the police station the holiday makers called the owner of the villa to advise her of the theft, away on the mainland she was unable to visit the family until around 3.30pm when she advised them the villa was not insured and she would contact her lawyer to establish if she was liable for the family’s loss.

villa theftAt the police station the family spoke to a detective who advised the family to make a report. The following day the owner of the villa advised that she was not responsible for the loss and was not prepared to pay any compensation. The family then returned to the police station with the information, an officer showed great concern that the theft was achieved with the keys to the villa and arranged to inspect the scene and called the owner, Jaeb to meet with him, before she returned to the mainland.

On Monday morning the maid Porn arrived to clean the villa and let herself in with a set of keys she advised the police are left office once she has carried out her duties, the owner of the villa was unable to verify this fact. During the robbery the 4 CCTV cameras were not operational and nothing else was taken despite 2 laptops, phones and a Samsung camera being in the villa.

The family are now appealing to the public for any information that may lead to the return of their money and passports and would like to warn other tourists to ensure safes in hotel and villa rooms are bolted down before being used to store valuables.

If you have any information about this crime please contact the local police station.

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