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I think my boyfriend was cursed in Thailand – yahoo answers gone mad

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I think my boyfriend was cursed in Thailand – yahoo answers gone mad | Samui Times
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I love trawling the net for interesting information on Thailand. As a regular visitor myself spending some time checking out the local forums and reading the Samui Times helps me get through the long months of work before I return once more to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and easy living.

One of the few things that I don’t really like about my visits to the Land of Smiles however are the young girls and boys who are out all night selling flowers to tourist. I have asked many of these children where they come from and who they live with, if they go to school or if they are even from Thailand and to my horror many of them are brought in from Cambodia and Myanmar.

cursed 2I decided to do some research online about these children and discovered something totally insane on the Yahoo Answers site.

It seems that eleven months ago a couple were travelling through Phuket and Koh Samui and when they returned to Australia the man got very sick. His loving girlfriend, having got no decent diagnosis from the hospital, did what many people do these days and turned to the internet for answers.

She found Yahoo Answers Australia and told this story.

My boyfriend and I just returned last Saturday from a ten day trip to Koh Samui and Phuket. Last Wednesday we were eating in an outdoor restaurants where walking salespeople and children were selling flowers and bracelets etc. I brought a few which obviously was good for them, but afterwards my boyfriend got agitated by them as we were trying to eat and he was a bit rude to them.

Some small children came bycursed 3to sell flowers and my boyfriend shooed them away. I brought two flowers and so they came back soon after. My boyfriend again shooed them away. Then one of the little children ran right up to him, stared at him in the eyes, breathed into his cupped hands and placed it on my boyfriends forearm. I remember being worried at the time… thinking it could be him cursing my boyfriend.

Now we have been back in Australia for about four days and on Monday night my boyfriend began getting really sick. Last night we took him to the emergency room where they tested him for meningococcal meningitis, hepatitis etc. The preliminary blood tests came back clean so they sent him home. He has an intense fever, sharp headache and he is very pale. I can see his pulse throbbing in his veins and head.

Do you think this could have been a curse? What should I do?

I read online we could visit a monk?

The sad thing is here that I actually think this woman was being serious in asking this question, I found that quite interesting but also the responses she got.cursed 1

One reply came from a person named Rat, a popular name in Thailand, I assume this person is Thai. This response read – You need to take him back to Thailand as soon as possible. The only people who can help in this case are the monks at Don Sak. What Khao Suwan Pradit just down the road from the ferry pier in Don Sak to Koh Samui. It is important that you do the next week or something terrible will happen to him. I had a friend who had the same thing happen to him and within three hours with the monk he was totally cured.

Another response was this one

Buy some flowers, a few lemon and lime. A good mix of chrysanthemum and white orchards will be great and it shouldn’t be expensive in Wal-Mart or Safeway.

– Pour all pedals of 7 flowers (with different colours) into a bucket of warm water or in the bathtub. Squeeze some lemon (half) and lime (half) into the water.
– Wash his whole body, head, face, bottom of feet and hair thoroughly with the flower water for at least 10-15 min.
cursed 4– Say some prayers ( simple one like: “Please bad spirit go away …. please peace be with us” if you are not affiliated with any religion). It must be sincere and no joke about.
– Then scoop all pedals into a small container and throw them into bin.
– Drink a cup of tea (any kind of herb) with breakfast.

Do this for three days at least. See if it helps?

Try stick to simple diet like porridge or salads during three days. No heavy meat.

At the same time, talk to doctor to see if anything may help. Some fever / flu drinks over the counter?

Then came a rather more sensible reply

Thailand is well known of their strong cursed, voodoo etc. But I think as long as the person didn’t have your boyfriend DNA sample such as hair, nail, photo etc. it would be fine.
If your boyfriend had that symptom I’m afraid that your boyfriend got Dengue Fever.

Dengue Fever cause us to have sudden high fever, then we would feel very cold in the night. All of our body feels really sore and pain, and comes out a small red spot in whole body.

Then is reply

Cursed? I do not think so. Misdiagnosed, more likely. Did you tell the doctors you had just been in Thailand and tell them what he ate? Have they ever treated people for tropical disease. I’d go to a large hospital and ask for a specialists. You only find what you are looking for.

I once suffered the reverse problem in great pain for over a month. I came back to the States and the doctor found the problem in an hour. How did he know? He said “Asians rarely get this problem so doctors there don’t look for it. Caucasians often do” He then said “They teach us in medical school when you hear the sound of hooves think horses not zebras

Prasat – another Thai name said – Not good. I knew a Thai lady who cursed a friend when she was mad at her. The lady later on died of cancer!

By the time I got to this answer

Swinging a dead cat over your head 3 times during a full moon will cure the curse! Works every time!

I sort of gave up and stopped reading that thread but it has sparked my interest.

My question to those who spend a lot of time in Thailand or live there is this – have you ever had any experience of being cursed? Do people actually believe this can happen? And of course on top of that I would love anybody to point me in the right direction to find out more about where the little kids selling flower come from and if they are just the kids of local families or the products of the rather more sinister answer of human trafficking.

Jane Taylor

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