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Thirteen year old girl leads police to quick arrest of her mum’s killer

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Thirteen year old girl leads police to quick arrest of her mum’s killer | Samui Times
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A 39 year old woman was murdered after a man tried to rape her in her house. She had called out to her 13 year old daughter who was in the house who came to help her reported Daily News. The man then slashed her in the head and fled, believing her to be dead too.

mother of 13year old killedBut the girl survived and was able to give police vital information that led to the arrest yesterday of Surasak Srichai (Jack), 25, who was hiding out at a relative’s house in Udon. He has been charged with the woman’s attempted rape and murder and the attempted murder of the daughter. Neither victim was named.

The severely injured girl had managed to tell investigators: “Please find my mum’s killer.”

Police said that Surasak told them he had been drinking alcohol and had taken 3 or 4 Ya Ba tablets.He said he entered the back of the victim’s house finding there was no bolt on the door. He picked up a sharp piece of iron from behind a cupboard with the intention of raping the woman who was sleeping downstairs. He did not know she had a daughter in the house. When she called to her daughter for help he hit the woman about the head and body many times killing her.

When the daughter came in to help her mother he attacked her too and then fled believing them both to be dead. Next morning he heard news that the daughter had survived and believing that she would finger him he took off for a relative’s house to hide.

Police said they have strong evidence such as bloodstained shorts used by the assailant with what they say is the victim’s blood on them. Hair from the assailant was also found in the victim’s hand. DNA evidence is expected to seal their case.

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