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Three farang girls seen high on laughing gas on Koh Phi Phi

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Three farang girls seen high on laughing gas on Koh Phi Phi | Samui Times
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Three young farang women have been caught on camera apparently high on laughing gas on Koh Phi Phi.
girls seen high on laughing gas in ThailandTheir pictures have been widely shared on Facebook and other social network, several news website reported Tuesday.
Some photos on Daily News showed the three women inhaling gas from three pink balloons while they were lying on footpath. Another photo showed two of them raising their hands and flashing victor signs while their friend in the middle was still inhaling the gas.
Manager Online said the three women were lying on a sidewalk of a road in the beer bar area on Koh Phi Phi.
Their photos led to criticisms of the law enforcers on the island for having done nothing to prevent certain shops from selling the laughing gas or nitrous oxide to tourists. The online social networkers said the photos of tourists high on the laughing gas had affected the image of Phi Phi that is popular for its natural beauty.
Daily News said it had dispatched a reporter to talk to some entertainment venue operators. Daily News said an entertainment venue operator told the reporter that the laughing gas has become a hit among foreign tourists. The operator said western tourists always asked for the laughing gas, prompting many shops, especially those owned by farang, to provide it.
Daily News said the gas has been widely available on the island.
Krabi chief public health officer Doctor Panas Sophongpong said it has yet to be investigated where the gas originated from.
While several Facebook users crtiicized police for doing nothing, several others pointed out that police could do nothing because the gas has not been officially listed as a kind of narcotics.
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