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Three monks accused of sex with teenagers

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Three monks accused of sex with teenagers | Samui Times
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Two young brothers have told police they had been selling sex to monks at three well-known temples in Nan since last year.

The two boys, aged 19 and 15, and their parents were summoned for an interview at Mueang Nan police station at 8am on Friday after their chats with the monks were leaked on a Facebook page.

Phra Samuudon Chinwangso, deputy abbot of the Phayawat Temple, admitted that he owned the Sithichoke Chansook page that leaked the allegations but told police he had not used the page for a long time so his account must have been hacked. The monk said he did not know either the two boys or the monks involved.

The two boys told police in front of their parents and juvenile protection officials that they had been selling sex to monks at temples in three districts ¬- Muean, Phu Piang and Wiengsa – since last year.

Their most recent encounters were in the middle of this year, they said.

They said they were first paid more than Bt1,000 per visit but their payment later dropped to Bt500 and was sometimes as low as Bt200.

They said the monks called them or chatted with them every two or three months and also asked them to take along some “new faces”.

Police said they would gather the evidence and decide whether to charge the monks with having sex with minors.

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