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Three more small time meth users nabbed as big dealer evades Phuket police

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Three more small time meth users nabbed as big dealer evades Phuket police | Samui Times
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Police are content with the arrest of three small-time drug dealers, charging each of them with possession of a Category 1 drug (Crystal Meth) “with intent to sell without permission”, while their supplier has evaded capture.

meth users PhuketAccording to a police report issued on Friday (November 13) Narcotics officers at 9.30pm last Wednesday night (November 11) arrested Mr Rattanaporn “Nui” Rattanapun, 27, with possession of about 400 milligrams of crystal meth or “ice”.

Apprehended in front of an unnamed dormitory building in the San Suk community in Phuket Town’s Talad Yai subdistrict, Nui’s arrest followed that of another young man named as Mr Suchat “Off” Dalunphet, 24, who was caught at about 5pm on the same day with an undisclosed amount of crystal meth.

According to the police report, Off had agreed to cooperate with police in expanding their drug net in exchange for a reduced punishment.

As part of the ensuing sting, police asked Off to telephone another young man in his “drug network”, the suspect named as Nui, who agreed to meet Off at his residence later that night to collect some “owed drug money” and to bring over some more “ice for smoking”.

Accompanied by Off, Police reportedly staked out Off’s residence in a police car as an unsuspecting Nui arrived at about 9pm and proceeded to phone Off, who then answered the phone to confirm he was home.

Upon the positive identification of the suspect, police proceeded to confront Nui and identify themselves before searching him and finding the 400-milligrams bag of ice taped to the bottom of his left foot.

Nui was then apprehended, the drugs and mobile phone seized as evidence.

According to the police report, Nui then volunteered information that he had more crystal meth stashed at his home, leading police to an undisclosed location where they reportedly found a second bag of ice inside a fridge weighing 1.74 grammes.

On top of the fridge, an ice smoking device and a digital scale were also found and seized as evidence.

The police report also mentions a third arrest in connection with the first two, of a suspect named as Mr Surachai “Ou” Srijaeng, but did not provide any more details about him or his arrest.

The report goes on to speculate that the drugs were thought to have come from a dealer named only as Puen, suspected of being a former inmate of Phuket Central Prison.

The dealer had allegedly sold Nui five grammes of ice for B2,200 a gramme, for which he was instructed to pick up at an electric pole near the Nimit (Seahorse) traffic circle without actually meeting the dealer.

It is not clear how the drugs were paid for, nor how the dealer was contacted, even though police have seized two mobile phones as evidence.

Nonetheless, the police report, signed off by Nui and nine officers, concludes that the investigation has been exhausted and cannot be expanded further.

This “exhausted investigation” pattern echoes that of last week when police reported busting three mules attempting to smuggle two kilos of ice onto the island.

Police later changed the amount to be less than 1 kilo and claimed they were unable to pursue the source of those drugs, likewise.

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