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Three teenagers arrested for the murder of a Burmese man in Koh Samui

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Three teenagers arrested for the murder of a Burmese man in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Three local teenagers have been arrested for the murder of Thet Soe, a Burmese migrant worker, on Koh Samui last Friday. The arrests came after evidence emerged from both eye witnesses and CCTV footage.

Nai Phanlung, 18, Nai Piya, 17 and Nai Taeya 16 were detained on Tuesday morning, reports suggest the three confessed to the crime that they reenacted on Tuesday afternoon. The men told police that they had been travelling on motorbikes when the victim collided with one of them before fleeing the scene. The trio chased the man down and demanded that he paid them 500 baht in compensation for the collision. They went on to say that Thet Soe agreed to pay them and led them to his home where he kept his money, but when they arrived he jumped off his bike and attacked them, the three men fought back and during the attack stabbed him in the stomach before slitting his throat. The accused then led police officers to a coconut plantation where the men burned the victims motorbike, the jacket and shirt that Thet Soe was wearing when he died was recovered in the same area.

The men will be charged with possession of illegal weapons, robbery and murder.

Thet Soe, a 22 year old Burmese migrant worker was from the Muyitkalay village in Mon State. He was the cousin of Chaw Nge Nge, the woman found murdered at the Samui View point the week before his own death. The family of the diseased told reporters that they had not been informed that arrests had been made and had not been invited to the reenactment of the crime. His family expressed concern that the accused were not the true perpetrators of the crime.

A leading member of the Burmese community said that the suspects are well known as thugs in the area and are part of a larger gang, he went on to say that one of the accused had been involved in a robbery of two migrant workers from Burma in the past and this latest incident had done nothing to improve how many migrants feel about their safety in Koh Samui.

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