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Three year old “arrested” for not wearing a helmet

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Three year old “arrested” for not wearing a helmet | Samui Times
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Comment on Thai social media was rife after a father posted online that cops in Bang Khun Non had “arrested” his three year old daughter for not wearing a motorcycle helmet.

The child was on the back of her dad’s bike on the way to kindergarten on Thursday morning. 

Three year old

Details were unclear but the father and child ended up at the police station arguing after a ticket was not issued. 

The father was furious that other people were let go and he was singled out. 

Netizens said a more appropriate course of action would have been a warning to the father or even providing a police helmet to the child temporarily. 

Many said arresting a three year old was just plain stupid. 

An unnamed policeman at Bang Khun Non station confirmed that a video online was of a disagreement at that station. The spokesman said they did not know exactly what it was about. 

But they said that the bottom line was that parents should take responsibility for their children and get them to wear helmets. 

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Three year old
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