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Top 6 Online Forums in Thailand

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Top 6 Online Forums in Thailand
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Whether you live in Thailand or are coming to visit, online forums are a great tool to find advice or useful information on a particular topic. They can help you stay informed on news, events and happenings while generating topical conversations. As most forums have their own community, they can provide a range of opinions and perspectives on an issue. Thus, building your network and staying connected as a result. There are so many types of online forums that cover an array of topics. From travel, business to general life, here are our top 6 online forums in Thailand.

6 Best Online Forums in Thailand online forum

1. Thai Visa

Launched in 2002, Thai Visa is one of the oldest forums in Thailand. As a website, it provides an online space for expats to exchange information relating to Thailand. The website offers a bit of everything – from forums on golfing, education, travel to business. It even shares links to authoritative websites for property, money transfer and more. However, as the name suggests, its main focus is on visa and immigration. Many people post questions and share their experiences with visa procedures. This is especially useful as visa processes can sometimes differ per local immigration bureaus.

On another note, the website has become a bit of a battleground in recent years. Due to this, censorship on the site has increased and site regulations have tightened. However, despite this, it is still a handy resource for those seeking advice and help with their affairs in Thailand.

2. TeakDoor

While some may argue that TeakDoor is a little outdated, it remains popular amongst expats in Thailand. In fact, the website has over 27,707 members, 126,259 threads and 3,608,595 posts, attesting to how in-demand it is.

They have various forums that cover a selection of topics. In total, there are around 10 over-arching genres that spilt into multiple sub-forums. For example, their “Living and Legal affairs in Thailand” forum feature subjects such as construction, farming and motoring. Alternatively, their “TeakDoor Lounge” is a space for fun and a bit of banter. Finally, they also have an app so customers can easily interact with their forums on their digital devices.

3. Pattaya Addicts online forum

Similar to TeakDoor, the Pattaya Addicts Forum is also popular albeit very niche. The niche is actually Pattaya City in itself – in fact, we’ve chosen this online forum to represent more localised examples. This is especially due to the fact that many expats live in a specific area of Thailand. However, it also serves as a practical guide for those looking to visit the city – not only does it focus on Pattaya as a whole but everything the city has to offer.

In specific, the forum shares Pattaya news and events along with videos and images. Further, it gives advice to those moving to the area. It even helps users navigate relationship problems with their Thai girlfriend. Finally, you’ll also find hotel reviews along with current deals and offers in the city.

Founded in 2006, the forum now has 160,000 members and over 180,000 website visits per month. Moreover, they make roughly 1000 posts a day so there’s always something new and current to read about.

As mentioned before, this online forum relates only to Pattaya. Thus, one disadvantage is that it may not be overly useful to those who live elsewhere. Although keep in mind, there are many other area-focused forums, as seen in the Thaiger Talk, TeakDoor and Thai Visa.

4. Thaiger Talk

Thaiger Talk is where the Thaiger newsreaders can discuss Thai news, living in Thailand and more. Whilst they are a relatively new online forum, they are up and coming – in fact, their news site is one of the fastest-growing online news outlets in Thailand. In addition, they have the “2nd highest readership of any English-speaking news website” in the country.

Their discussion topics are endless; It has around 9 broad categories and 48 sub-forums. Comments focus primarily on the news, but it also helps readers navigate everyday life. For example, if you need guidance securing a Thai visa or want to keep up with public events, it’s a great source to use. Alternatively, readers can simply use it to converse with like-minded people or tell stories of their life in Thailand. It has a separate forum for different Thai cities and even extends its reach globally. Thus, is ideal for those who want to connect with people within their local community. Each of their forums is relevant to current events and are updated daily. As such, the Thaiger Talk is a great way to stay up-to-date and informed on national/global news.

5. Thailand-247 online forum

One of the smallest forums on our list is Thailand-247. Somewhat of a spin-off of Pattaya Addicts, it provides a space for expats to ask general questions regarding Thailand.

This online forum is member-only but it is easy to join and their website is neatly laid out. It covers multiple topics within different regions of Thailand and countries in Asia. Further, their forums have good engagement, evident in their “General Topics” forum that has 77.3k posts. There is even a reward system for active members; users can get points by asking questions, in turn raising them on the leaderboard.

6. Lonely Planet

From one of the smallest online forums to the biggest – the Lonely Planet is a well-known website. Established in 1996, their forums centre mainly on travel. They have forums for most countries around the world, but their Thailand forum, in particular, has 54,439 total posts. On their Thailand section, there are no separate genres, readers can simply ask questions on the main page. Therefore, it is perfect for those coming to Thailand to get connected or seek assistance for their journey. You can also search for any topic in their search bar; thus if your question has already been asked and answered, this is an efficient way to access information quickly. Whilst it may not be the most glamorous or high-tech forum, it provides lots of information that is concise and easy to understand.

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