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Top brass police gather in Hua Hin as final suspect apologises for brutal attack

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Top brass police gather in Hua Hin as final suspect apologises for brutal attack | Samui Times
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Top brass police gathered in Hua Hin Friday to confirm that all suspects in the assault of three British tourists have now been rounded up and charged.

top brass angry about Thai's attacking britsCommander Wuthi Liptapallop joined with other senior officers in assuring the public that everything would be done to try and ensure the safety of tourists in the wake of the shocking attacks that caused uproar throughout the world.

Wuthi met with the fourth person arrested, twenty year old Chaiya (or Boy) Jaibun who said that the four suspects had begun drinking in the evening and by the time of the attacks, which they have all admitted, they had consumed 16 bottles between them.

He told Wuthi that it happened because they were drunk. One of the tourists had bumped into one of the suspects and the situation escalated from there. He apologised giving a ‘wai’.

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Wuthi said that this was an important case as it involved tourists and police had worked hard to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. Following a news conference in which tourist organisations and business leaders presented floral tributes to thank the police for their work on the case, Wuthi went to visit the site of the April 13th attack in Soi Bintabaht, central Hua Hin.

It emerged that the CCTV that helped the case reach an international audience had been fitted in Hua Hin some three months ago. Some 60 HD cameras had been deployed in 22 locations and those in Soi Bintabaht were instrumental in being able to clearly define the faces of the attackers even though it was night-time.

One news site, Voice, reported that the four suspects would face charges of dangerous assault causing serious injury, that can result in a maximum ten year sentence.

Police said that Lewis John Owen the 43 year old son had returned to the UK though British newspapers said he went to Singapore where he works. The parents, 68 year old Lewis Owen and his wife Rosemary, also in her sixties, are now out of hospital and are staying in a Hua Hin hotel and will go back to the UK (and their home in Wales) on May 3rd.

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