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Tourists warned not to stand on rail track to take pictures

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Tourists warned not to stand on rail track to take pictures | Samui Times
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Tourists were warned not to stand on rail track to take pictures of Tha Chompoo bridge in Mae Tha district of Lamphun for the sake of their safety.

Tourists warned not to stand on rail track to take pictures | News by Samui TimesThis latest warning came from a train mechanic who claimed he had a near-miss with a group of tourists who stood on the rail track to take photos of the bridge on Wednesday (Sept 13).

The mechanic who did not identify himself posted an image of the tourist group in a Facebook group of Lamphun residents. He said he was driving a locomotive to pull some carriages to Doi Khun Tarn when he saw a group of tourists standing on the rail track busily taking photos of the bridge.

Fortunately, he said he quickly activated the braking system and the locomotive stopped before hitting the tourists. Also, he added that if there had been carriages with the locomotive, he would not have stopped the train in time.

“I would like to ask them why they blocked the track in order to stop the train so they could take the pictures. It was lucky that there was just a single locomotive otherwise there would be an accident. Then who should be responsible?” complained the mechanic.

Tha Chompoo train station has become a popular tourist spot where tourists like to take pictures with Tha Chompoo bridge, locally known as Saphan Khao (white bridge).

“Normally we are cautious and we will sound the signal from far away. There are many people on the track on any day, although most of them stand on the sides of the track which is still regarded as dangerous as they can be sucked by the force of the wind into the train.

“But today, there is only a locomotive descending from Doi Khun Tarn. They (tourists group) signaled the train to stop in order to take the photos. So I stopped the locomotive,” said the mechanic.

He went on saying that, occasionally, some of the tourists have to run away from the approaching train – which is very dangerous. Because if they step on a stone and fall on the track, they can be crushed.

Prachuab Naka, the Chiang Mai station assistant master who oversees Ta Chompoo train station in Lamphun said he had instructed train drivers to exercise special caution while approaching the station in Lamphun’s Mae Tha district.

Meanwhile, he also appealed to tourists to stop the dangerous practice.

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