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Tourists warned not to take photos of wild elephants

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Tourists warned not to take photos of wild elephants | Samui Times
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The National Park in Khao Yai has issued a warning to tourists not to take photographs of wild elephants. It warns that doing so is not only dangerous but slows traffic.

wild elephantsTourists travelling to the park are presented with a unique opportunity to encounter wild elephants, however it can be dangers to get to close to them said Khao Yai National park chief Kanchit Srinoppawan because the beasts can become stressed out and attack.

Wild elephants are a common sight in Khao Yai and are often seen crossing the road, this is a very exciting moment for tourists, he said, but tourists should not interfere with them and should drive past them very carefully. He went on to say that during the holidays the roads are often clogged with heavy traffic when more than 17,000 tourists visit each day. He urged all those using the road to not slow down to either feed or photograph the elephants.

Another issue in the park is garbage, however after an intensive campaign this year the situation has much improved said the chief, “I can see that during this New Year festival, tourists are being more conscientious, and many of them collect their waste and do not litter” he said. Tourists visiting the park are able to exchange bags of waste for souvenirs at the national parks rest area before leaving.

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