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Tracey Saychanaphan BORED TEENAGERS!

Samui Times Editor



Tracey Saychanaphan BORED TEENAGERS! | Samui Times
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Many leave Samui because there is really not a lot for them to do here. We have the school facilities now for up to 18years of age but no recreational facilities. Is there anyone out there who could set up a youth club or something where they could go and hang out? I’m sure there are a lot of parents, including myself, who would happily donate.

bored teenagersThe highlight of my 13 year old daughters weekend at the moment is walking street and Tesco! There is a large interest in skateboarding at the moment but no-where to do it. I know there is a place in Maenam which has a half circle loop for skateboarding, very small, but it takes a lot of practice to be able to progress to that, so they are stuck trying to find a place to skateboard in various car parks. Already chased out of Big C car park by security so have now started on the gentle slopes in the far side of the car park opposite Home Pro entrance at Tesco. Half the day is spent waiting for cars to pass and I’m sure not the safest of places.

There must be a way to make more facilities for teenagers on this island.

Anyone with any ideas or access to a bit of spare land??


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