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Transport Company opens bus simulator center

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Transport Company opens bus simulator center | Samui Times
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In an effort to enhance passenger safety, the Transport Company has implemented simulation technology at the Bus Operation Simulator Training Center enabling drivers to practice with simulated cases to ensure their preparedness, and help minimize possible losses from road accidents.

Transport Company opens bus simulator center | News by Samui Times

The Transport Company has opened the Bus Operation Simulator Training Center featuring a simulator of a large passenger bus that can run a simulation of real-life scenarios, the first of its kind in Thailand. The simulator has been developed by the Transport Company and education institutes, imitating actual operating conditions of a real-life passenger bus and feeding simulated visuals of different scenarios on computer displays which allow users to interact and respond to these cases realistically.

The simulator will help improve incident response skills among the company’s bus operators, ensuring their preparedness for all kinds of unexpected incidents which could happen in real life, such as heavy rains, storms, sudden stopping of vehicles in front. The training offered on this simulator will help reduce the frequency of accidents and improve passenger safety.

The Transport Company President Lt Gen Surapon Tapananon said today the simulation center is equipped with modern technology for bus operator training, which will replace some training with the actual buses, helping reduce energy and fuel consumption and help reduce human error in operations. Some 500 bus operators at the Transport Company will all undertake training in the simulator to ensure the highest preparedness for passenger services.


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