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Travel and Leisure Magazine have named Koh Samui as the worlds 9th best island.

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Travel and Leisure Magazine have named Koh Samui as the worlds 9th best island. | Samui Times
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Travel and Leisure 2013 World’s Best Awards

1st and 2nd place went to Palawan and Boracay in the Philippines, Maui took 3rd place, Santorini in Greece got the 4th spot, and 5th place went to Prince Edward Island in Canada. Behind them are Bali in 6th place, Kauai in 7th, Sicily in 8th and Samui in 9th.

The questionnaire used to determine the winners was developed by the editors of Travel + Leisure, in association with ROI. Research Inc., was made available to Travel + Leisure readers at from December 1, 2012, to April 1, 2013. Readers were invited to participate through Travel + Leisure magazine (January, February, March, and April issues), T+L iPad ® editions and newsletters, and online at To protect the integrity of the data, after April 1, 2013, respondents were screened by Travel + Leisure and responses from any identified travel-industry professionals who completed the survey were eliminated from the final tally. The survey website,, was maintained, monitored, and kept secure by ROI Research Inc., which collected and tabulated the responses and kept them confidential. The scores are indexed averages of responses concerning applicable characteristics. Respondents were asked to rate airlines on four characteristics; hotels, hotel spas, islands, and car – rental agencies on five characteristics; and cities, tour operators, safari outfitters, hotel brands, airports, cruise ships, and destination spas on six characteristics (see below).

In most categories, respondents could also rate additional optional characteristics; these ratings were not included in the final score. For each characteristic, respondents were asked to rate a candidate on a scale of 1 to 5, where “1” means poor and “5” means excellent. Required component ratings were then averaged, creating an overall score. For the cruise category, respondents were asked to rate individual ships, and scores were rolled up into four categories organized by type of cruise and ship size. There is one category for river cruise s (any capacity), and three categories for ocean cruises: megaship cruise lines (capacity of 2,200 passengers or more), large ship cruise lines (capacity between 600 to 2,199 passengers) and small–ship cruise lines (capacity of fewer than 600 passengers) Some cruise lines may appear in multiple categories depending on the fleet of ships they own. A minimum number of responses was necessary for a candidate to be eligible for inclusion in the Worldʼs Best Awards listings. Some companies were eligible to be rated in multiple categories, including cruise lines, tour operators, and safari outfitters, and some properties were rated in both the destination spas and hotel spas categories. In all cases, companies and properties have different scores for each category. Throughout the Travel + Leisure Worldʼs Best Awards, scores shown have been rounded to the nearest hundredth of a point; in the event of a true tie, properties, companies, or destinations share the same ranking. These were the categories and characteristics:


Rooms/facilities, location, service, restaurants/food, value. Optional: for business, for families, for romance.


Sights, culture/arts, restaurants/food, people, shopping, value. Optional: for romance.


Natural attractions /beaches, activities/sights, restaurants/food, people, value. Optional: for romance.

Cruise ships

Cabins, restaurants/food, service, itineraries/destinations, excursions/activities, value. Optional: for families, for romance.

Tour operators and safari outfitters

Staff/guides, itineraries/destinations, activities, accommodations, food, value. Optional: for families, for conservation/philanthropy.


Cabin comfort, in – flight service, customer service, value. Optional: for food, for timeliness/reliability, for loyalty programs.


Location/access, check – in/security, restaurants/food, shopping, design, flight delays. Optional: for business, for families.

Car-rental agencies

Vehicle selection, vehicle availability, car-rental location, service, value

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