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Tropical Murphys Monday Night Pool 29th July

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Tropical Murphys Monday Night Pool 29th July | Samui Times
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Two Aussie Bars went head to head in the Tropical Murphy Monday Night Pool League on July 29th. The boys from Aussieland made their way up into the jungle of Maenam to take on Mick’s team.

The evening started out when Flea, the only member of the Aussieland team that did not have a hangover from the massive party the night before, took on Jamie. Both players put in some amazing shots however it was Flea that got it down to the black, that he missed giving Jamie a shot at the first win of the night but he potted the white giving Flea a second chance on the black and he potted it! With Jeff’s encouragement pointing out that Flea is a much better player than Pete, he went on to win the next two frames taking the first point of the night for the away team.

SAM_2813Neil then took on a hung over Carl. Carl put in a big break and potted three before he came up against the tricky pocket and missed a shot opening up the table for Neil who cleared up and won the first frame of the night for Micks. However using his skill and some clever snookers Carl went on to win the next two taking the second point for Aussieland.

SAM_2811Ocean then took on hung over team captain T-bone who looked like he was on for a clearance right up until he potted the black before four of his other balls effectively handing the frame to Ocean. Ocean then put in some superb shots and looked like he was on for a clearance but he missed his penultimate shot and T-bone slammed his remaining balls home, including one in the tricky pocket and took the frame. With the point still to play for both players went hard at it in the third frame and even though he looked pretty snookered T-bone slammed the black home taking the third frame.

Marc then took on Duffman, who’s hangover got the better of him when he lost the first frame putting the black down early giving the frame to Marc. However he picked up his game and put down six balls in quick succession but missed the 6th. Marc put in some fabulous shots but Duffman, hungry for a win took the frame. Marc feeling the pressure to win the third frame and the first point of the night for Mick’s, tried to break before the triangle was even off the balls, but his determination paid off and he took the frame and the point for the home team.

SAM_2814Young Jaydon and Jamie then took on Pete and Carl in the first set of doubles. Jaydon, age 9, might be a pint sized player but he certainly put in some big shots that impressed both team’s players. However Pete played so spectacularly well, despite being told by Carl when he asked if he should play a ball off the yellow, “don’t play it off the yellow just pot it” he took the team to a three frame victory and got a huge round of applause when he potted two balls in one shot!

Tony and Marc then took on Duffman and T-bone. T-bone looked like he was on for a clearance but nonced it up! Duffman tried to blame his dodgy shots on a large insect that would not leave the table, so he potted it, and later looked like he was on a bit of a winning roll but bodged a few shots up and the home team won the first and third frame and the point for the home team.

At Spicy Bar Jack Bar took a bit of a thrashing when the home team slammed home a 5 – 1 win.

1 tamsAt Tams Bar it seemed that Timmy had put together a new super team for the home side and proved they are a force to be reckoned with by smashing the Premier Sports Bar 6-0.

At On’s Livewire some great games were playing out against Thairish. Wire took on Mike and won two of his frames. Tong Tong took all three of his against Shadow. Rik lost all three of his to Ian and Claus won two of his against Jane. In the doubles Ting Tong and Chris took on Ian and Shadow who took all three frames and finishing the night Rik and Wire took on David and Jane who won two frames ending the night with a 3-3 draw.

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