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Tropical Murphy’s Pool League round up Aug 5th

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Tropical Murphy’s Pool League round up Aug 5th | Samui Times
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On Monday August 5th the Tropical Murphys Pool league games got under way round the island.

At Thairish Bar a good time was being had by all as some exciting frames were being played against Tams.

Shadow was first to play when he went up against Tams ace Timmy. Normally a superb player and known for always winning the first frame of the night Shadow got his behind royally kicked by Timmy who took all three frames. David then took on Art who won the first frame but David, who was determined not to let the night be a Tams white wash, pulled out the stops and took the second frame. Art, who was equally determined SAM_2975that it would be a white wash, took the third frame and the second point of the night for the away team. With a lot of pressure on his shoulders Ian then took on Luke. Luke, who certainly knows his way around a pool table, put in some monumental shots but it was Ian who won the first frame. However Ian’s opponent got the better of him in the second fame so the point was still to play for. Ian gave it his all and won the first point of the night for his team. Mike then took on Marco and easily won the first frame, however Marco found form in the second and third frames which he won taking the score to 1-3 going into the doubles. Ian and Mike then took on Albin and Luke, Albin played some show stopping shots but it was the home team that took the first frame, however as Albin laid on the pressure it was Tams who took the second two frames ensuring a win, not a draw for their team. Shutting the gate after the horse had bolted David and Shadow then beat Timmy and Marco but still found themselves with a 2-4 loss to Tams.

Down at Aussieland nothing was happening at all as after 8 years Jeff closed the doors on the bar that has been like a second home to its players. However, not wishing to miss out on the rest of the season, the Aussieland boys took their cues and their table down the road to Nuts Bar and despite feeling like lost souls continued to fly the Aussieland flag. The night started when Pete, who takes more than his fair share of heckling from his team, that he in no way deserves, took on MN. Pete played superbly well in the first frame that he won but it was MN who nailed the SAM_2979next two frames putting MeMe bar on the board ahead of the home team. Carl then took on Lek who played some great shots that won him the first frame but despite the new location it was Carl that took the glory wining the next two frames and putting his team on the board. Team Captain T-bone, who was probably finding it the hardest to adjust to his new environment, then took on Aek. T-bone was on fine form in the first frame that he won but buckled in the second two that Aek won. T-bone slunk off to enjoy a few more oysters that were being served up, certainly a first in the pool league. Duffman then took on Pora and showed the rest of his team up by wining all three frames taking the score to 2-2 going into the doubles. Carl and T-bone then took on MN and Lek who won the first frame. T-bone and Carl got their act together in the second frame, and despite Squiggles giving them advice on how to play they still won the second frame. However it was MN and Lek that took the glory in the third frame when they won taking the score to 2-3. Squiggles and Duffman then took on Aek and Pora. In the first frame, despite some incredible shots form Pora, it was the home team that took the point. In the second frame Duffman found himself with some difficult shots and did some kind of pool yoga to ensure he nailed them, however when squiggles found himself in the same position he could not quite get his leg onto the table and the point went to the away team. With the point still to play for T-bone racked up for the last frame of the evening and the battle for the point began. Squiggles put in a bit of a duff shot, team captain T-bone was overheard saying “apart from the accuracy that was a perfect shot”, this did nothing to boost squiggles moral, but some encouraging words from his co-pilot Duffman did and the last frame went to the home team. Final score a 3-3 draw that would not have been possible without Duffman!

Over at Premier Bar a friendly took place with Spicy Bar as both of their scheduled games had been postponed, despite their best efforts and putting Brad in a lucky helmet, Premier Bar got stuffed 0-6!

Premier bar v spicy 2Premier bar v Spicy

Other scores The Hut 4 – Barbs 2, Tropical Murphys 3 – International 3, The Office 3 – Badass 3, Chillin2 3 – Osteria 3. Bamboo v Spicy postponed, Premier Bar v On’s postponed

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