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Tropical storms wreak havoc in vast areas

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Tropical storms wreak havoc in vast areas | Samui Times
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Tropical storms and hailstorms wreaked havoc on several provinces in the North, Northeast, East and Central regions of the country last night and this morning, uprooting big trees, blowing away roof tiles and sheets, bringing down power poles, flattening bill boards and flooding many roads.

Many vehicles were damaged by flying debris of roof tiles, sheets, billboards, fallen trees, power poles.

There were a number of injuries but official count was still unavailable.

A tour bus heading for Bangkok from Ubon Ratchathani also skidded off the road during heavy rainstorm, injuring more than 40 passengers in Prakonchai district of Buriram province before dawn Thursday.

Slippery road surface during heavy rain was blamed as the cause.

In Phob Phra district of Tak, tropical storm ravaged more than 50 homes and brought down several big trees, blocking the village road at several sections.

Tropical storm also hit Sawan Kalok district of Sukhothai province, causing damages to several homes last night.

Fire was also reported at Kamphaeng Phet Muang District office after heavy rainstorm lashed the town and caused electric short circuit at the office.

The fire was kept under control last night.

Several roads in the municipal area were also flooded when torrential rain lashed the area for over an hour.

Meanwhile hailstorm wreaked havoc in Lomsak district of Phetchabun province last night damaging hundreds of homes and black out electricity in seven villages of Tambon Ban Klang in Lomsak.

Soldiers from 28th Infantry Battalion were despatched to assist villagers repair their homes this morning and provide primary aids to them.

Meanwhile more than 30 power poles in Pattaya were also pulled down by torrential rain storm yesterday, causing power blackout for many hours in the beach town.

The Meteorological Department today said high pressure system from China has now blanketed Thailand’s North, Northeast, East, Central and upper Southern regions.

It said the system will result in tropical storms in vast areas that will cause torrential thunderstorms, hailstorms, and twitters in some areas.

After the storms, overall temperatures will fall 6-8 degrees Celsius.

It again warn people of danger from big trees, bill boards and instable structures that could be brought down by heavy storms, and ask to stay away from them.

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