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Turkish man arrested for making fake “Kamagra” jelly

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Turkish man arrested for making fake “Kamagra” jelly | Samui Times
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Police in Bangkok have arrested a Turkish man for making thousands of sachets of the sex drug “Kamagra” jelly. 

The drug was being sold on the black market and via internet sales. 

Kamagra – that has a quick and long lasting effect on male erections – is widely on sale at red light districts in Thailand. 

Ahmet Necmi Yediyildiz, 43, was arrested in Wuttakat Road Soi 6 in Thonburi at a makeshift factory producing the fake drugs. The raid utilizing a warrant was made after an informant contacted the police.

Taken into evidence were 46,700 sachets of Kamagra. The packaging claimed they were produced in India. 

Turkish man arrested for making fake

Also seized were a medicine mixer, scales and a packing machine along with three packs of glucose syrup. 

Police also found 0.3 grams of “ice” (crystal meth – methamphetamine).

Ahmet could speak Thai and gave Daily News a good report. He said he was all legal and above board staying in Thailand. 

He said he had gone into producing Kamagra in a syndicate with others. He was just the maker, he said, and would add glucose syrup to give the product flavor and tang. Then he would package it – someone else did the selling after picking it up. 

About the ice he said that it was just for his own consumption – he didn’t put any in the Kamagra. 

He has been charged with producing drugs without a license and possessing a Class 1 narcotic (ice). 

Now the police are going after his associates. 

Daily News said that the Kamagra was on sale on the internet and on black markets for 100-150 baht a sachet. 

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Turkish man arrested for making fake
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