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Over twenty foreign crime gangs at work in Thailand with Russians top of the list

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Over twenty foreign crime gangs at work in Thailand with Russians top of the list | Samui Times
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According to research carried out by Thailand’s institute of Justice, there are over twenty forging gangs of criminals who have made Thailand home, predominantly engaged on bank card fraud. The findings have been based on the analysis of cases against 266 suspects from 101 countries, who have been arrested and imprisoned in Thailand.

ATMSOut of the foreign criminals operating in Thailand one Russian gang head the pack as the most notorious for producing fake ATM credit cards using financial data stolen by a system know as card skimming that uses hidden electronics that can copy data when the card is swiped in as little as thirty seconds.

Once copied the stolen data is then stored on a computer and transferred onto fake cards when the criminals wish to withdraw cash from ATM’s. The Russian gang typically raid ATM’s at night when they are least likely to be detected.

A Romanian gang is part of another group using fake electronic cards for withdrawing funds from ATM machines. Typically the Romanian contingent use the cards to withdraw stolen money that is then used to purchase goods such as jewellery and computers that are then later smuggled back into Romania.

A German gang has been identified as a group who steel financial data visa the use of malicious software Trojans that can intercept login user names and passwords of people who make financial transactions online. One German gang are known to use the stolen information to infiltrate online banking systems to transfer funds to the gangs accounts in Russia.

French and British gangs are also found to have been using fake electronic cards to withdraw cash in Thailand, predominantly in Phuket.

Other transnational gangs found to be operating in Thailand are from Columbia, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.

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