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Two arrested under the new Animal Welfare Bill

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Two arrested under the new Animal Welfare Bill | Samui Times
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On December 27th a new Animal Welfare Bill was introduced and two men have already been charged for its violation.

Khamdee Khottha, aged 50 was summoned by Tha bo police for allegedly torturing and injuring his neighbours pet dog. The dog’s owner Jomsri Khamphukaew told case investigator Pol Lt Col Kittihat Sihachai that the dog wandered onto Khamdee’s property and started to eat the food that he had put down for the chickens. The man tried to shoo the dog away but it would not go, so he threw a knife at the animal which hit his face. Kamdee insisted that he did not mean to kill the dog, but the dogs owner insisted that the man had tried to kill his dog on several previous occasions. The police said that Khamdee admitted to previously killing a female pet dog for making noises when she came into season. This dog he beat to death with a club. Although later Jomsri said he did not wish to press charges against the dog killer the police said they had to proceed. The crime is punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of up to 40,000 baht. Khamdee was released without bail.

Later on the Tha Bo police arrested another man Niwet Muthasahim, a 40 year old manhout and impounded his elephant. He faces charges of animal cruelty for using the beast to beg for money in a community area near Nong Khai’s Muang district.

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