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Two big drug busts in Thailand

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Two big drug busts in Thailand | Samui Times
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In Khon Kaen a shipment of 100 kilograms of marijuana was intercepted at 7-30am on Thursday. The police found the drugs inside a sedan car that refused to stop at a checkpoint in the Phol district. The car was stopped after a police chase, the driver was forced to pull over and then fled into the forest.

The police suspect the drugs were en-route to Bangkok.

Meanwhile, half a million methamphetamine tablets were seized from a pickup truck at a road checkpoint in the Chiang Dao district of Chiang Mai on Thursday morning by police and army troops. The bust came after a tip off that a huge consignment of drugs were being smuggled to Chiang Mai from the Myanmar boarder.

A Toyota Mighty X pick-up truck arrived at the roadblock and was stopped by officials. The drugs were found in a specially built compartment. Aek and Duang Thanomwittaya, brothers, are now in custody, they claim that they were hired to deliver the drugs to a buyer in Chiang Mai

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