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Two blacklisted foreigners in Phuket arrested, deported

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Two blacklisted foreigners in Phuket arrested, deported | Samui Times
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Two foreigners already blacklisted and banned from re-entering Thailand have been caught in Phuket thanks to biometric passports, reports the Immigration Bureau.

Two blacklisted foreigners in Phuket arrested, deported | News by Samui Times

Pol Lt Gen Sompong Chingduang of the Immigration Bureau explained to a press conference in Bangkok that the two cases involved a Russian woman identified only as “Julia” and an Iraqi national identified only as “Ali Hassan”.

The Russian woman “Julia” had been caught working illegally in Thailand in 2012, Gen Sompong said.

At that time, the name in her passport was given as “Yulia”.

The woman was charged, deported and blacklisted, banned from re-entering Thailand for 100 years, from 2012 to 2112, Gen Sompong said.

However, “Yulia” changed the spelling of her first name to “Julia” and was issued for a new passport, he added.

She arrived in Phuket on Aug 24 this year on a Non-Immigrant visa that allowed her to stay until Nov 21, he said.

However, Julia came unstuck on Sept 16 when she was prosecuted by the Patong Police, Gen Sompong said. However, he did not elaborate what Julia had been prosecuted for.

Regardless, she was handed over to Phuket Immigration, which through checking biometric passport records discovered that Julia had already been banned from re-entering Thailand for 100 years, Gen Sompong said.

The second case saw Iraqi national Ali Hassan taken into custody on Sept 13, Gen Sompong noted.

Ali was caught and prosecuted last year for overstaying his permit-stay for 1,272 days. He was blacklisted and prohibited from entering Thailand for 10 years, from 2018 to 2028.

At that time Ali was travelling on a passport giving his first name as “Alaa”, Gen Sompong said.

He officially changed his first names to Ali Hassan and was issued a new passport, he added.

Ali arrived in Phuket on Sept 13 on a tourist visa that allowed him to stay until Nov 11.

Phuket Immigration officers later learned that Ali was staying at a barber shop in Soi Sansabai, Patong. On Sept 24 officers arrived at the location and to took him to confirm his identify with biometric records and found that he was blacklisted, Gen Sompong said.

Gen Sompong gave no explanation what had prompted immigration officers to start tracking down Ali’s whereabouts.

Both Ali Hassan and Julia have had their visas and permits-to-stay revoked and both have been deported to their home countries, Gen Sompomg said.

“If you see any foreigners doing something illegally, please call the Immigration hotline 1178 or report it through the website,” Gen Sompong said.
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