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Two British cyclist killed on the Thai leg of their round the world trip

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Two British cyclist killed on the Thai leg of their round the world trip | Samui Times
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Peter Root and Mary Thompson’s cycling trip around the world ended in tragedy when they were hit by a truck in a province east of Bangkok almost one year ago.

The couple, who were both from Guernsey and aged 34 had been cycling since 2011 through Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and China. Their journey was being chronicled in an online blog.

Peter Root and Mary ThompsonThe two met at art school and had spent six years saving up for their ill fated trip. Both were very experienced cyclists who know the rigours and risks of extended bicycle travel according to reports from members of their family who told the British press that the pair “were camping wild” and were leading the life they had always dreamed of. A video posted on the blog shows them camping in the dessert, riding through hills and stopping to swim in lakes and rivers as well as braving heavy snow storms and armed conflicts during their ride through Tajikistan.

Their plan had been to make their way to New Zealand after the Asian part of their trip. Thai police said that investigators had found their bodies and bicycles with their belongings scattered by the roadside close to a pickup truck that had crashed between two trees. The driver of that truck, 25 year old Worapong Sangkhawat who was seriously injured was brought up on death by dangerous driving charges.

Now sadly almost one year to the day later according to a report in Thai Visa a third cyclist has been killed on the roads of Thailand.

A Chilean man, identified as Juan Francisco, has died in a road accident on Mittraphap Road before completing a world record for 250,000-kilometer bicycle ride to five continents in five years.

Police said the accident happened on Saturday at the inbound traffic between KhonKaen’sPhon district and NakhonRatchasima’sBua Lai district.

Before the tragic accident heading toward Kaning Way Intersection in NakhonRatchasima, the cyclist had just made a morning’s rest stop at Phon’s traffic police’s checkpoint.

Traffic policemen welcomed and provided refreshment for him, his Singaporean wife and their two-year-old son. They talked about their journey which started in 2010.

The cyclist said he would travel on to Australia before setting Guinness World Record in November.

He and his family travelled around the world as he rode the bicycle pulling a four-wheeled carriage carrying his two family members and their belongings.

At the side of the carriage, there was a yellow banner displaying the message about the unsponsored trip asking for help, shelter hosting, friendship and support.

Shortly after leaving the checkpoint, a pickup truck, driven byTiwaratRatchaipidet, 64,veered off and hit the bicycle.

The truck overturned. Tiwarat emerged unscratched. The victim’s wife and son sustained minor injuries. Only the victim died at the scene. His body fell off the bicycle before hitting roadside some distance away.

Police and rescue workers rushed three accident survivors for medical treatments. The victim’s body was sent to BuaYai Hospital for autopsy.


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