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Two corpses stolen from graveyard

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Two corpses stolen from graveyard | Samui Times
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Two corpses have lately been stolen from a graveyard in Udon Thani’s Prachaksinlapakhom district in what police believe is related to amulet making.
A prime suspect is a roaming monk who claims to have supernatural power, Pol Colonel Jamlong Panjana of Prachaksinlapakhom Police Station says.
According to the ongoing police investigation, this monk popped up in Ban Non Sa in the district last month and told locals that he could use the corpses that belong to persons suffering from shocking deaths in fixing lottery results.
“Many locals are thus willing to tell the monk where he can find such corpses,” Jamlong says.
Superstitious beliefs say such corpses can be used for black magic.
Locals in Ban Non Sa found out about the stolen corpses after they visited the graveyard ahead of the Songkran Festival to clean the graves of their late relatives.
One of the bodies belongs to a 32-year-old man who was shot dead and buried late last year. The other belongs to a 26-year-old woman who died in the stage of pregnancy.
“Such thefts have brought much grief to their relatives. The mothers want to make merits to their late children but they can’t,” Ban Non Sa village head Wichien Boonpa complains.
The two mothers officially lodged complaints with police on Sunday.
Police say evidence suggests the corpses were dug up just a few days before the graveyard-visit period began.
Last month, police in another district also received a report that the bodies of two drown siblings were stolen from a graveyard.
“We believe the thefts are related,” Jamlong says, “We will try to nail down culprits”.
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