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Two foreign Nationals deported from Thailand

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Two foreign Nationals deported from Thailand | Samui Times
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Two foreign nationals have been arrested by the immigration police and are facing deportation for crimes committed outside of Thailand.

The police announced in a press conference that the two arrested are Trubia Giuseppa from Italy, who was sentenced to a six year term for raping a woman by a court in Florence but fled to Thailand. According to police he entered the country through Nong Khai from Laos in February 11th and hid ot in Pattaya.

arrests ThailandThe second was a Taiwanese man, Chen Kuo-Sin, who was arrested on Tuesday at the request of the Taipei police. Thai police say that Chen fled during his court trial where he stood accused of possessing 190,000 amphetamine tablets that weighed 81 kilograms, the man intended to sell the drugs online. His original sentence was ten years, however he was appealing against the sentence when he fled the country. Chan arrived in Thailand on February 20th and hid out in the Lat Phrao are of Bangkok, he was arrested in a shopping mall.

Both men have had their permission to stay in Thailand revoked by immigration police who are soon to hand them over to the authorities in their respective countries.

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