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Two headed gecko believed to bring luck

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Two headed gecko believed to bring luck | Samui Times
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Two brothers and their friend are feeling particularly lucky at their house in Phuket . The reason for this feeling is a two headed gecko.

One of the three was woken up a few days ago at 1m to find a baby house gecko with six legs and two heads, the extra head and limbs sticking out from the left hand side of its body.

The men said that when it gecko was first discovered one of its heads was still in a shell, it was very small and very weak.

two headed geckoIn order to help the unusual baby gecko the trio are keeping it in a plastic bowl and giving it food and water. The men have been putting ants into the bowl, that in turn attract insects and little bugs that the gecko can eat, the men admitted that they were unsure if this is the normal diet for a gecko of this age, but reported that since they have been feeding it, it looks a lot more healthy than it did.

Dr Sansareeya Wangkulangkul, a biology professor and gecko expert at the Prince of Songkhla University said that this is a very unusual case and went on to mention that geckos normally live for around one year, but in this case the life expectancy could be reduced due to the deformity. She said that the owners would do well to feed the gecko with black ants that do not sting or with mealworms.

As news of the two headed gecko spreads the trip are expecting a lot of visitors. Many Thai people are fascinated by deformed animals and regard them as supernatural, they enjoy watching them and their surroundings where they believe they may find clues to the weeks winning lottery numbers and such like.

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