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Two Laotian bulk cash smugglers arrested

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Two Laotian bulk cash smugglers arrested | Samui Times
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Custom officials in Mukdaharn province arrested two Laotian nationals Wednesday morning when they tried to smuggle 26 million baht in bulk cash out of the country to Laos.

The two were identified as Thao Banluesak Sipakdi, 31, and Thao Santichai Chanto, 25.

two men from laos arrested in ThailandMukdaharn custom chief Soraj Sangkawan said the two Laotians were intercepted as they were driving in a pickup truck passing the Cites Mukdaharn border checkpoint to Sawannakhet of Laos.

The authorities at the checkpoint comprising custom officials, soldiers and rangers searched the truck and discovered three paper boxes.

Opening uo all three boxes, they found bulk cash in Thai baht of 1,000 baht banknotes packed inside.

The bulk cash worth altogether 26 million baht.

Thai authorities then informed both men that smuggling bulk cash in Thai currency is a crime.

They then offered the bulk cash to Thai authorities.

However authorities booked the two Laotians for further questioning by custom and security officials, and also confiscated the bulk cash.

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