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Two Phuket girls rob German expat in revenge for breaking ‘sex for iPhone’ promise

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Two Phuket girls rob German expat in revenge for breaking ‘sex for iPhone’ promise | Samui Times
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Police today revealed they had recently arrested two Phuket girls for robbing an elderly German expat man for his mobile phones, Buddhist amulets, cash and his car, after he had reportedly failed to deliver promises of iPhones and clothes in exchange for sex.

iphone scandle PhuketOn March 4, Karon police arrested Ms Ratriya “Tri” Sirijumpa, 25, of Thalang’s Mai Khao sub district, along with Ms Nonglak “Beer” Homhuan, 26 of Sakoo, in front of a Tina Salon in Sakoo.

The two girls were wanted for two incidents as follows:

According to the German accuser, on January 23-24, his Phuket house on Soi Patak 5 in Karon, was robbed of various personal items, including the following items recovered by police: a Buddhist amulet, Apple iPhone 4 and the key for the Toyota Camry.

In connection with the second incident, which involved the theft of the Phuket registered vehicle from the German man’s Pakak home on February 1-2, police seized the stolen Toyota Camry with false red (new car) Phuket plates, as well as another golden Buddhist amulet.

Police were initially alerted by MR.Woifgang Gerhard Helmut Dehl-Buntha, 62, of Germany, that on Janaury 23, he had made a visit to Phuket Airport (reason undisclosed).

On his return back to Karon, at about 8pm, he met with a girl named “Beer” whose real name he did not know.

The German man told police he invited Beer in his Toyota Camery car back to his house in Karon, while her friend, followed them in a white Toyata Altis car.

When they arrived to the man’s house on Soi Patak 5 in Karon, they sat and drank beer for about an hour, before Beer’s friend left, while Beer stayed behind and reportedly had sexual intercourse with the German man.

According to him, they woke up at 8am and proceeded to make and have breakfast before he returned to rest at about 10am. Upon waking up at noon of the same day, Beer had vanished.

The man soon realized that valuables were missing, including two Apple iPhone 4s models, a 5-baht (weight in) gold necklace, three Buddhist amulets, B10,000 in cash, and one of his keys to his car.

Wolfgang attempted to call Beer but to no avail, leading him to the realization that he’d likely been robbed, to which he proceeded to file a report with Karon police.

Then on February 2, Woifgang filed a second report with the police that on February 1, at about 11pm he had had come home to sleep, parking his black Toyota Camry in front of his house.

Upon waking up at 7am on February 2, he noticed his car was missing, according to the second report.

Police then studied CCTV footage of the neighborhood in cooperation with Karon municipality, and were able to identify the make and plate numbers of the other car driven to the German man’s house on January 23.

It was a white Toyota Altis with the plate numbers Gor Ror 8576, and bearing a sticker on its rear windshield that read in Thai, ironically, “Tao Kae Noi” or “a little old person”.

From CCTV, Police confirmed that it was the same car involved in the theft of the Mr Woifgang’s Toyota Camery on Feb 1-2.

Police traced the car to house number 93 in Moo 5 of Thalang’s Sakoo District, which was marked by a sign as “Tina Salon”. There they spotted a black Toyota Camry car parked out front, but with red plate numbers Kor 6457.

Police met with Ms Rattriya “Tri” Sirichampa, who claimed to be the owner of the Camry.

Tri, who was accompanied by her friend Beer, cooperated with police to run the plates for a check, which turned out to be registered for a new Toyota Yaris.

Unconvinced, the police also cross-checked the serial number of the Camry, and learned that car was indeed registered with different plate numbers – that of the car that had been reported stolen by the Woifgang.

Police then interrogated the two girls for their side of the story.

Beer said she had been chatting with Woifgang through an online social network, Badoo, for a period of about two weeks before agreeing to meet him at the airport.

The girls admitted that they had accompanied Woifgang to his home on January 23, as reported.

Beer claimed that Woifgang had promised to buy her iPhone and clothes if she would “be his girlfriend” and stay with him. She agreed and decided to stay with him overnight, while her friend Tri returned home.

Upon waking up in the morning, Beer said she asked Woifgang about delivering on his promise, to which he became unsatisfied and went back to bed, but not before calling Tri to have her come and pick up Beer to take her back home.

On her way to Karon, Tri told Beer over the phone to take the man’s car key for revenge. Beer proceeded to grab the key as well as the amulets, cash and iPhones while Woifgang slept.

Tri, accompanied by Beer, then drove back to collect the car late on February 1.

Both girls have been booked by Karon police and charged on multiple counts in both incidents, including entering a residence for the purpose of burglary; using a vehicle for convenience in a burglary act, and grand theft auto, among them.

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