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Two policemen injured in a bar gun fight in Samui

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Two policemen injured in a bar gun fight in Samui | Samui Times
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In the early hours of this morning a gunfight broke out between a group of police and a volunteer police officer at the Tawan Chai Café on the outskirts of Maenam. The incident that took place at around 2.30am injured two.

The police were informed by bar staff that volunteer police officer Sitthiporn Poonsawasdi had been drinking heavily. When the bar closed at 2am he asked the musicians to leave the bar with him, clearly intoxicated he became agitated when they refused. The man then walked to the front of the bar where he fired one shot into the air alerting the local police who quickly arrived on the scene to arrest the man. Sitthiporn was ordered to drop his weapon but refused and fired at the police, a gunfight then broke out. Sitthiporn was eventually shot in the leg and apprehended. Lt Somporn Cherdchim was also shot in the fight, he took a bullet in the stomach. Both men are in a stable condition.

Police on the scene said that Sitthiporn was very intoxicated and wildly waving his gun around in the air making threats to the bar staff. Police tried to talk the man into dropping his gun but he was so drunk the police doubt he even understood what they were saying. He then started shooting at us the office said. Sittiporn, known to the police through his volunteer work has yet to be charged with any crime.


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