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Two Ubon monks thrown out for using Ya Ba

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Two Ubon monks thrown out for using Ya Ba | Samui Times
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Drugs suppression authorities acting on complaints by villagers raided a temple in Ubon Tuesday and found two stoned monks.

drunken monksThey were both tested for amphetamines and the results came back positive. They were defrocked and then detained by police reported Thairath.

Villagers had got fed up with the behavior of Samai Buaphan, 45, and a novice Suradej Permphan, 17, at the temple in the village of Ban Chokchai, in the Khemarat district of the north eastern province. Samai had been a monk for 5 years while the novice had been in robes just a month after ordaining when there was a death in the family.

Warnings from the abbot, relatives and villagers had failed to change the pair’s behavior so the drug squad was alerted.

A search of the monks quarters found no drugs but two empty bottles of booze were discovered. Their urine tests came back with the tell tale purple colour. They said that they had bought Ya Ba from teenagers selling them behind the temple for 150-200 baht a time and took two a day. They had been taking drugs for a long time.

After being defrocked at the district officer they were handed over to police for prosecution.

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