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Udon man’s hand severed during horrific knife attack by 10 youths

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Udon man’s hand severed during horrific knife attack by 10 youths | Samui Times
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A 29 year old Udon farmer took matters into his own hands after he was attacked by a gang on the way home from a concert on Monday night.

hand-severed-in-knife-attack-thailandSomchai Khiawthong was riding his motorbike when he was attacked by ten youths in the middle of the street at an intersection. They had clubs and knives, reports Thairath.

One of the gang took a swing with a sword at his head and he raised his left hand to protect himself from the blow.

His left hand was sliced clean off at the wrist.

The gang fled leaving Somchai alone. He gritted his teeth and picked up his left hand with his right hand and drove to Nong Preu Hospital

Police who were called by the doctor treating Somchai rushed to the hospital to get a lead in the case and the victim was able to tell them information before he was transferred to Sri Nakharin Hospital in Khon Kaen to have his hand sewn back on.

The hand was packed in ice and went with him in the ambulance.

Somchai had told police that he had been to a “mor lam” show at the Niyom market and was on his way home when he was confronted by about ten youths for no reason. He said he had never had trouble with anyone and had no enemies and had no idea why they had decided to attack him.

Police said that it was probably the work of Nong Preu neighborhood trouble makers. They are searching the area to find those responsible for the attack.

The report did not give an update on the success or otherwise of the reattachment of Somchai’s left hand.

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