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Unarmed thieves rob bank and hail taxi to flee with Bt420, 000 cash

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Unarmed thieves rob bank and hail taxi to flee with Bt420, 000 cash | Samui Times
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Bang Mod police are investigating a bank robbery which two thieves, unarmed and not wearing facial masks, fled with Bt420,000 cash after hailing a taxi as getaway vehicle.
The incident happened yesterday around 1.30 pm at Thanachart Bank’s Rama 2 (Soi 3) branch office.
When police arrived at the scene, they found two bank tellers and a male customer.
Mongkol Techachokwiwat, 66, customer and witness, said he was the only bank customer making a 20,000-baht deposit when two men walked into the bank.
The two appeared like bank customers. One man dressed in red shirt, black jacket and black pants. Another was in a long-sleeved grey shirt and carrying a blue rucksack.
The man in black jacket stood in line with him at the counter number 2 while the other one went to counter number 1, Mongkol said.
To the surprise of teller number 1, the man in grey shirt quickly walked around the counter and opened the cash drawer as if he knew how the money was kept at the bank.
As he was stuffing the cash into a brown paper bag, he said, “Let me make an advance withdrawal.”
The entire robbery took less than a minute. The two calmly walked out.
Mongkol and the two tellers said they watched the two waiting in front of the bank before hailing a taxi which happened to pass by.
After the two got on the taxi, one of the tellers alerted police.
Police said the bank had no security guard. They said they were trying to track down the robbery suspects as CCTV footage fully revealed the facial profiles.
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