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University teaching shows why Thais’ command of English is so abysmal!

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University teaching shows why Thais’ command of English is so abysmal! | Samui Times
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If you have ever wondered why the Thais’ level of English is so poor you need look no further than the so called top teachers!

thai-command-of-english-badAn online drama about a study program on television shows a course full of the most basic schoolboy errors.

And these were supposed to have come from university level professors, reports Thairath.

Now the professor who taught the course has blamed the printers rather than taking responsibility!

The course, via cable TV and satellite on the DLTV 15 channel, has been panned by Facebook critics.

Among the howlers is one section that refers to the translation of the Thai “khun pen khon angrit reu?” . It says the “frequent” mistake is “Are you an England?” but the correct version should be “Are you and England?”.

Of course, this should be ‘Are you English?’

In another “frequently made mistakes section” the teacher tells the students the translation for “dichan chorp len kilaa tennis” (I like to play tennis (a woman speaking)) is not “I like to play penis”.

That, the teacher says is because “penis” means “urination” (transliterated as “piss” in the Thai letters.

The politer Thai word for urination is “patsawa”.

For the translation of “kheun rot” (get in/on a vehicle) the frequent mistake is given as “go down the car” while the correct version is said to be “get on the car”.

Of course neither is strictly correct though you could get on a bus!

Getting on a car would indicate climbing on its roof.

A Thai Facebook poster who put a sample of the appalling errors online said: “Want to know why Thai kids are so poor in English? Look no further than the teaching. I nearly fainted when I saw this!”

Thai Rath online caught up with the “ajarn” (professor) who delivered the course, who was not named. The ajarn said that the slides had been in use for years and had been checked by a top university for accuracy.

Instead of blaming the university, however, or admitting to making a mistake themselves, the ajarn did the best they could…..and blamed the printers.

Tragically, even the Thai word “khoi” as in “may khoi dee” (not very) was misspelled.

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