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Unnerved By Waves of Transfer, Police Officers Turn To Horoscopes

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Unnerved By Waves of Transfer, Police Officers Turn To Horoscopes | Samui Times
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A series of purges in Thai police force have driven many officers to seek guidance from Pol.Col. Samart Chuthet, a self-styled “police astrologist” operating out of Pitsanulok province.

police horoscopesPol.Col. Samart, an active officer at Mueang Pitsanulok Police Station, said police have traveled from across country to seek his fortunetelling services.

Unlike astrological readings for the general populace, Pol.Col. Samart’s horoscopes focus specifically on the potential rise and fall of careers in the police force.

“Police officers of all ranks have been asking me to check their fortunes,” Pol.Col. Samart explained. “Especially about promotions and transfers. Most of them ask me about that, whether they will be promoted. So I take a look at their fortunes, and advise them based on their luck, by relying on the principles of horoscopes.”

He added, “Some of them are successful, but some of them – their luck is not so good at the moment. They have to wait.”

Thailand has seen a series of mass police transfers since the military coup on 22 May 2014, after which scores of officers considered allied to the former government were transferred.

Another purge followed last November when several of Thailand’s top law enforcers were arrested for allegedly operating a criminal network guilty of money laundering, oil smuggling, and a series of other offenses.

The police chief appointed by the coupmakers, Pol.Gen. Somyot Phumphanmuang, also recently announced a new wave of transfers and appointments involving nearly 2,000 officers, set to be effective from 15 January.

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