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Upcoming Strict and flexible measures

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Upcoming Strict and flexible measures | Samui Times
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The Center for the Administration of the Situation of Covid-19 (CCSA) reports that some companies will be allowed to resume with the relaxation of the lockdown guidelines from 3 May 2020.

Restaurants and other places selling alcoholic beverages could be open on Friday, according to the Royal Gazette article. When reopened on Sunday, restaurants are not permitted to serve alcohol.

under the extended emergency decree up to May 31, measures will be as follows:

Flexible measures

The re-opening venues are classified into 6 categories:

  1. Markets – fresh markets, flea markets, floating markets, community markets, walking streets and street vendors.
  2. Food shops – drink shops, dessert and ice-cream shops, excluding those located within shopping malls.
  3. Retail businesses – supermarkets, convenience stores, carts, vendors, telecom shops and small restaurants, but physical distancing measures must be applied for sit-in customers
  4. Sports and recreation areas – parks and outdoor sporting venues, with the exception of team and completion sports, which will remain suspended.
  5. Beauty salons – only for hair; cutting, washing and drying
  6. Pet salons and pet nurseries

Strict measures

  1. Prohibiting persons from leaving home during the six-hour curfew from 10 pm to 4 am and strict travel restrictions
  2. Prohibiting mass gatherings, including a temporary prohibition on conducting mass gathering activities and entering areas or places with crowds of people. including a temporary prohibition of engaging in activities that are at risk of spreading the virus.
  3. Maintaining restrictions on inter-provincial travel – people must refrain from or delay travelling across provincial areas if it is not a necessity.
  4. Maintaining controls on travel into Thailand by land, sea and air. including a ban of all incoming flights until May 31.

The public is nevertheless also urged to obey general principles to avoid COVID-19 and remain safe during their job.

SOURCE: Pr Government Thailand

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