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An update from Dave Kyffin on his brother Stu who needs your help after an accident in Koh Samui

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An update from Dave Kyffin on his brother Stu who needs your help after an accident in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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I continue to be overawed by the amazing generosity of the British public especially now when times are so hard. Thank you also for the many messages of support which are the foundation for my determination to get my brother home.

Stu continues to breath unaided and was yesterday moved out of the Intensive Care Unit which is an indication of how confident the doctors feel about his improvement. I remember when Stu was in the latter stages of selection to join 22 SAS and he broke his leg badly. Within 6 weeks he was running on it and shortly after that was deployed on operations. You will never meet a more determined individual and if anyone can pull through this Stu can.

Stu updatePlease have a look at our Facebook page ‘Support Our Stu’ where you will now see most of the fund raising events advertised. All organisers of these events are making a huge effort and sacrificing precious time with their families to raise money for Stu, a massive thank you to you all. If your event is not advertised yet please send the details to Donna or me and we will sort this out. The more people that are aware of your event, the bigger the interest, the more money raised.

A phrase which has become popular during our campaign is ‘Failure Is Not An Option’. I believe my old friend Paul Gallagher started using this, I think this phrase optimises the unflinching determination shown by everyone involved in the fight for Stu. There is a long way to go but I will not rest until my brother is getting the best medical treatment available here in the United Kingdom. Your amazing achievement so far is testament to the fierce loyalty of my Royal Anglian brothers, the loyalty of our wider armed forces brotherhood and the superb generosity of the British public.

We never leave a man behind.

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