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An update from Dave Kyffin on his brother Stu after his October 2013 accident in Koh Samu

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An update from Dave Kyffin on his brother Stu after his October 2013 accident in Koh Samu | Samui Times
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Ladies & Gents,

I haven’t compiled an update for some time now. Improvements in my brother are very gradual and are therefore best reported over longer periods so that progress can be better gauged.

Stu 3Whilst the onset of Stu’s physical deterioration in Thailand was very apparent and rapid his improvement since arriving in England is equally noticeable. There will be no quick fix for Stu, the injury to his brain is extensive and therefore the improvements we have seen are slight but encouragingly regular.

Recently there have been a number of developments which will improve Stu’s chances of recovery, namely; the removal of the tracheostomy tube which was causing visible stress and discomfort and preventing his ability to swallow, the removal of the nasal feed tube which again was causing visible discomfort and finally the terrible bedsore on Stu’s back caused by the inadequate medical care received in Thailand is now greatly improved.

From being close to death in Thailand I have seen some noticeable improvements in my brother. He now seems to be aware of movement and only in the last few weeks he has begun to track people across his room. Stu has shown movement in all four of his limbs, particularly in his arms and hands where he has surprised a number of people by gripping there hands forcefully. Stu has also recently shown the ability to swallow, cough, yawn and move his head.

Stu still requires a lengthy, expert assessment in order to gauge the extent of his brain injury and also the best treatment for that injury. This assessment is carried out in only a handful of hospitals in the country and therefore places are scarce. We are currently waiting for a place to become available for Stu where this assessment can be performed and which is close to family members.

StuWhile my brother continues to show improvement I will continue to provide the best possible support in order to facilitate his long road to recovery.


Army Veteran Stu Kyffin was in a serious motorbike accident on in Koh Samui on Friday, 4th October 2013 in which he sustained severe head and brain trauma. During the time he spent in a hospital in Koh Samui Stu’s friends and family started a massive media campaign to raise the funds to repatriate him to the UK. UK celebrities Ross Kemp and Bear Gryllis got on board with the campaign that raised over one hundred thousand pounds with fifty thousand coming in from an anonymous donor.

The company responsible for the medevac was Amvale, based in Scunthorpe. They carried out Stu’s medevac without making a penny profit and indeed the medical team worked without pay because they believed so passionately in Stu’s cause.

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