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Update on helping Kim kick cancer

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Update on helping Kim kick cancer | Samui Times
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Our readers might remember island resident Kim who has been raising funds to fight her cancer that returned last year.

Kim was diagnosed with stage 2 bilateral breast cancer in October 2012. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she was given a clean bill of health in July 2013 and was prescribed tamoxifen for five years. During her initial treatment she also discovered that she had a gene mutation, BRCA 2. In June of 2014 she began experiencing back pain and so had a bone scan, followed by an MRI…bith scans came back clear and so she had no reason to imagine that anything was wrong. In September 2014 she was included on a group insurance policy that covered her for everything, including breast cancer, although the company capped her coverage at 5000USD. In September her back pain had help kim kick cancer 2not subsided and worsened significantly. As she had had the scans such a short time before, she had no reason to believe that her pain was due to cancer. On the 18th of October she was admitted to hospital with an infection and through the course of investigation it was revealed that she once again had cancer…this time in her bones and liver. She was airvacced from her home on Koh Samui to Bangkok where she underwent a PET scan and liver biopsy. On the 30th of October, a diagnoses of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer was made. This was made after her insurance company had already guaranteed 20,000 USD for her care. Whilst the insurance have said they will not seek to recover the excess, they have said that following the 2nd of November, they will cease all coverage for her condition. She is in Thailand and too unwell to fly back to the UK, so her treatment must continue here.

Since her admission Kim has been keeping her friends and those kind enough to donate via her Help Kim Kick Cancer Facebook page. After Kim’s first set of chemo her second treatment was delayed due to her blood count being too low, however that situation improved and yesterday she started her second chemo treatment.

The fund raising effort has been an overwhelming success and Kim is incredibly grateful, however even though she is much better than she was Kim is still incredibly sick and the need for funds is ongoing.

Kim sent out a New Year message to her friends and supporters read “Happy New Year to everyone. Mine will be spent making memories with family and friends. If I could give any advice, it would be to not take one day or person for granted, and remember that those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.”

Kim is just 33 years old and she needs your help to raise funds for her treatment. Please help Kim kick cancers butt by visiting her Facebook page and by sharing the page and this article as much as you can.


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