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An update on Stu Kyffin from his brother Dave

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An update on Stu Kyffin from his brother Dave | Samui Times
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On Friday, 4th October Army Veteran Stu Kyffin was in a serious motorbike accident on in Koh Samui in which he sustained severe head and brain trauma and remains in hospital on the island in a coma. The extent of the brain damage is massive and Stu will require 24 hour care for life and his family are now asking for help to get him back to the United Kingdom. Here is an update from his brother Dave

Dear All,

My brother has made progress and today has started breathing without the aid of a ventilator. Great news indeed considering that the doctors thought it a miracle that he had even survived that horrific accident.

Ross kemp 1We are beginning to turn the corner in our fight to bring Stu back home, the funds raised so far have now exceeded £14 000 and rising every hour. The response to the call for donations has astounded me and I feel honoured to live in a country that supports it’s armed forces past and present with such ferocity. This is testament also to the great sacrifice our servicemen and women make daily in the defence of our country and our way of life.

Public awareness for Stu’s struggle is growing with high profile celebrities such as Ross Kemp, Bear Grylls, Mark Benton and Andy McNab lending their support. The Daily Mirror has also published articles telling Stu’s story and this has brought to notice our campaign to get Stu home to a wider audience. Our Facebook site ‘Save Our Stu’ and our donation site is quickly gaining in popularity with thousands of people visiting every day and this is also helping to boost funds and awareness, the more people that know equals more donations received. Please continue to tell everyone you know.

I want to also bring to everyone’s attention that members of 2nd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment ‘The Poachers’ whilst deployed on operations in Afghanistan are running a marathon carrying my brother’s body weight on a stretcher. This is only one example of the many great events being organised with the sole purpose to raise funds for Stu’s Medevac.

Stu is a fighter and always has been and so I know he would appreciate the fight you are waging on his behalf. Thank you to everyone for the donations but most of all thank you for the support you have shown for Stu, my brother and my best friend. Dave.

Currently Stu’s family do not know the extent off the expenses to repatriate him but they do know that this is no ordinary Medevac as he will need an ICU team with him on the plane. Stu lives in Koh Samui in Thailand with his girlfriend Jiraa and their 3 year old daughter Kyraa. He also has a son, daughter and grandson living in the UK.

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