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Urgent appeal for funds for life saving surgery for a Samui resident.

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Urgent appeal for funds for life saving surgery for a Samui resident. | Samui Times
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Bob Jong, who has recently come to the attention of the Samui community due to his fight against cancer urgently needs help. Bob 50, from the Netherlands has lived and worked in Koh Samui for the last 15 years. Having lived a very healthy life free he was horrified several years ago to discover he needed a three way heart bypass after Bobexperiencing chest pains. Having overcome his heart problems Bob took another huge setback when he was diagnosed with cancer, with his previous medical history due to his heart he had been unable to get health insurance and was forced to sell his home and his possessions to pay for his treatment. Despite years of treatment Bob remains upbeat and positive and has a reasonably active life, however when he returned from his last round of chemo therapy he was delivered the news that he now needs urgent surgery on his colon. Part of the colon is already week due to pervious surgeries and the returning cancer, however should he not undergo this surgery it may burst leaving him ‘in more trouble than he is already”. With no funds left in his pot for his next round of chemo, let along this surgery Bob is now desperately seeking help. If you would like to donate to Bob you can do so by clicking here for his Go Fund Me page or contact to donate to Bob directly. The surgery will cost around 110,000 baht so every baht counts. A friend of Bob’s told the Samui Times “even if people can donate 50 or 100 baht it will add up, Bob is such an incredible man, I have spent a lot of time with him, he is so positive, it’s incredible, I really hope we can come together to help Bob get the surgery he so desperately needs. You can find out more about Bob and support his cause by following him on his Facebook page by clicking here  and by sharing this article.

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