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Urgent help needed for the Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation

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Urgent help needed for the Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation | Samui Times
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Unfortunately I’ve got no good news for you from „PARADISE“ again.

In my last newsletter I informed you about our problems of getting sufficient amounts of anesthetics for cats. Now we face the worst case scenario: at the moment there are absolutely no narcotics neither for dogs nor for cats available in all of Thailand.

Somehow I feel like I’m in the wrong movie….

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFor a short time we could get ZOLETIL for cats- of which I immediately ordered a bigger amount- something which didn’t pay, as everything the company had got was distributed among all the customers. The producer is VIRBAC in Switzerland and we couldn’t find out why they no longer supply Thailand. I had our manager Wit call the company frequently: probably there will be another consignment under way within 2 or 3 weeks’ time.

For the dogs we use NEMBUTAL as an anesthetic. It’s produced by the company called CIVA-Thailand. Products like KETAMIN we can’t order. KETAMIN is very often used as a drug and it can be ordered by hospitals only.

First of all we were forced to stop castrations and neutering at once. The small amount of anesthetics left had to be saved for emergencies when we have to put injured animals or those with serious illnesses out of their misery and let them go over the rainbow bridge. While the anesthetics couldn’t be supplied for several months, we were always put off and told the product would be supplied within one month. This went on for months and months. Wit wasn’t even willing any more to call the company again and again as it isn’t Thai style to harass someone.

As I can’t really believe that we are going to get enough narcotics again in 2-3 weeks, I ordered an anesthetic machine. Animals are sedated with gas and when surgery is over, the anesthetic is stopped and only oxygen keeps flowing. So animals should be awake after their surgery. This is a very mild way of sedating, but as only one dog or cat can be connected to the machine, Dr. Sith needs considerably more time for castrations.

Usually Dr Sith works at two surgery tables at a time. While he executes neutering at one animal, the next “patient” is sedated, shaved, fixed to the second table and his ears get a green tattoo. Dr Sith then proceeds to the next table to start surgery immediately.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHopefully he can perform 6 castrations a day nevertheless. We can’t do more, as the dogs and cats must stay with us at least for a week for after-treatment. We have got 50 single boxes and many ill or injured dogs are kept in single boxes for treatment as well.

Our most important task is to perform as many castrations as possible. In the last years we had managed to castrate more than 20000 animals.

The sedating machine was delivered relatively fast. We were lucky in so far as the other vets will also buy such a machine as supply problems will be a frequent business. I hardly believe that they have a big stock of those machines.

Only one week after we received the machine, the company vet arrived to train Dr Sith at the machine. All that worked perfectly well, but after 3 days something “broke” and we had to wait for the spare part, which has now arrived. Dr. Sith did then the first operations but due to a problem with the mask, the operation room got filled with gas and Dr. Sith is still suffering from headache. We are now waiting for the 2nd spare part….. In order to get rid of the gas we have installed an air-circulation to the outside now.

Many ventilator masks in different sizes still have to be ordered and then we can hopefully get started again and continue with our neutering program.

The machine costs 250 000 Baht (about 6300 Euro). Unfortunately we have hardly any savings left and the rainy season will start soon which means a lot less tourists.

I do worry that we won’t be able to cover all the costs.

If you are in the position to help us, please support us with your donation in this difficult financial time, THANK YOU!

This is our account for sponsors:

Name: Samuidog

Bank: BBBank eG

Account number: 8035105

BLZ 66090800

BBBank eG

Bahnhofstraße 1

67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein

IBAN DE 61 66090800000 8035105,


You also can use PAYPAL. Please use the button on our Website

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLast news from Maa from the Plai Laem Temple: Linda brought Maa into the shelter about two weeks ago in order to do daily physical training. Maa’s back legs were very stiff and we hope the daily gymnastic will soon change that. Positive results are already visible and Linda thinks in a few days Maa will be ready to go back home. Her people at the temple have already asked about her return and can’t wait to have her back. They treat her very well, give their best and will also continue with more treatment. Just for the first important gymnastics, Linda wanted to do it herself and will now show the caretakers how to continue.




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