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One of our Samui Residents urgently needs your help. Our lovely Trevor Phillips has been diagnosed with a life threatening blood clot on his lung that urgently needs to be removed.

Trevor lives on his pension from the UK and despite doing his very best to get health insurance has been unable to find an adequate policy due to various factors beyond his control.

Currently Trevor is unable to fund this vital surgery and his friends are doing all they can to ensure we don’t lose Trevor through lack of funds.

Trevor’s good friend Mario from the M&M’s Bar in Bangrak is holding a fund raiser for Trevor this coming Friday, the 20th of September. There will be live music and food and with your help a raffle. Mario and Trevor would be ever so grateful if you could find it in your hearts to donate any prizes to help raise the money required and please do attend the event. All proceeds will go directly to ensuring Trevor gets the surgery he needs.

This is our chance to show what an incredible community we have here on our island and that as a community will never allow anybody to face dire consequences of medical complications that can easily be rectified with a little help from their friends.

The fund raiser at M&M’s bar starts at 6pm, please come and show your support and share this post with your friends.

Please contact Mario at M&M’s if you have a prize to donate for the party.

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