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US Biotech Firm Announces Promising Covid-19 Vaccine

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US Biotech Firm Announces Promising Covid-19 Vaccine | Samui Times
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US biotech firm Moderna has announced that its Covid-19 trial vaccine appears to be safe.

The vaccine, which is the first to be tested on humans, has the whole world breathing a sigh of relief as Moderna says it is able to stimulate an immune response against the novel coronavirus.

(Interview with trial patient below)

The initial findings, from the first 8 people to receive 2 doses of the experimental vaccine, will now be repeated in larger tests of hundreds, then thousands of clients, to determine whether the vaccine will be effective in the real world. Moderna’s technology, which uses genetic material from the virus called mRNA, is new and has not yet produced any approved vaccine.

The news sent Moderna’s stock soaring by more than 25% and helped drive Wall Street to its best day in six weeks. Stocks were also lifted by statements from the Federal Reserve chairman that the central bank would keep supporting the markets and economy.

With the weather warming and states rushing to lift lockdown restrictions, Americans are eager to “regain their freedoms.” But more than 1,000 people died of the virus most days last week in the US.

Vaccines are now seen as possibly the only hope for curbing this disease that has infected nearly 5 million people worldwide, killed 320,000 and locked down entire countries and their respective economies.

Many companies and universities are joining the race to create coronavirus vaccines, and several manufacturers, including Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech, the Chinese company CanSino and the University of Oxford, which is working with AstraZeneca, have begun human trials.

But experts note that it is very important to develop multiple vaccines because global demand for billions of doses will outstrip the production capacity of any single manufacturer.

SOURCE: The Thaiger

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