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US gays on “World Butt Photo Tour” anger Thais

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US gays on “World Butt Photo Tour” anger Thais | Samui Times
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Two US gay lovers who like to post Instagram pictures of their butts at monuments around the world have outraged the Thais.

US gays on“Joseph and Travis” – as they were named by – were picture baring their backsides in front of the Temple of Wat Arun.

Thais went online in droves to condemn the gays for showing their rear ends in front of the iconic temple that was built by one of the Chakri Dynasty kings and is occasionally visited by Thai Royalty for the kathin robe ceremony during the Royal Boat Procession.

Thais screamed that it was a sacred site and demanded the pictures were also….taken down. This eventually happened but not before the Thai contingent among the couple’s 14,600 followers had given them a good ear bashing.

Joseph and Travis have previously posted derriere photography at the US Capitol in Washington and the Louvre museum in Paris.

Now apparently they are continuing their ‘World Butt Tour’ in South East Asia visiting Cambodia and Singapore as well as Thailand.

Better not get caught with your pants down lads…….

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