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Useful Thai words and phrases | Samui Times

Here on Koh Samui we are lucky that so many of the local Thai population speak English, but it is always nice for us, and received well by them, if we can speak a bit of the lingo! Here are a few words and phrases that you will find useful and Thai’s will be impressed that you used.

Where is the rest room – Hong Nam yoo ti nai?

May I use the telephone – Kor Chai torasap mai?

I cannot speak Thai – Phoot Thai mai dai

Please speak more slowly – Phrohd phoot cha-cah

I don’t understand – Mai kao chai

Do you understand? – Kao chai mai

How much does it cost – Nee tao rai?

What is this? Nee aria?

Very expensive – Paeng Maak

Do you have something less expensive? – Mii tuuk gwaa nee mai?

The bill  please – Gep taang kha/khap

Goodby – La gon

Market – Dalaat

Post Office – Prai sanee

Hospital – Rong pa ya baan

Embassy – Sa tantoot

Hotel – Rong raeum

Police Station – Satanee trum ruat

Railway station – Satanee rot fai

Bus station – Satanee rot mae

Airport – Sanam bin

Be careful – Ra wang

Slow down – cha cha

Stop here – Yuut tee nee

Straight ahead – Drong Bai

Turn right – leo kwa

Turn left – Loe sai

I want to go Yaak ja bai

Does anybody speak English mee krai pood pasa angrit dai bang mai

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