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Vegetarian Festival celebrants warned over firecrackers

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Vegetarian Festival celebrants warned over firecrackers | Samui Times
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Phuket City Police and Phuket City Municipality have both issued warnings over dangerous use of firecrackers during the ongoing Phuket Vegetarian Festival, especially the practice of throwing firecrackers into crowds of people either taking part in the street processions or lining the roads watching the festivities.

Vegetarian Festival celebrants warned over firecrackers | News by Samui Times

Phuket Provincial Police Deputy Commander Col Phakin Na-ranong warned that persons would be charged for throwing any firecrackers that cause injury and damage to property.

Col Phakin pointed out that a charge of bodily harm under Section 390 of the Criminal Code can result in a sentence of up to a month in jail or a fine of up to B1,000, or both.

“Firecrackers are to be used for ritual celebrations only, they must not be used to alarm or cause harm to other people,” Col Phakin said.

“Municipal officials can enforce this law, and people can report dangerous use of firecrackers by calling 191,” he said.

Phuket City Municipality in its warning noted, “The Vegetarian Festival is an occasion for keeping the mind clean and pure. So people must not engage in any action that can cause problems for other people, either by being a nuisance or harming them.”

The municipality also warned people against taking advantage of the festival to set off larger, more dangerous fireworks.

Phuket Municipality officials are making checking all vendors of fireworks to make sure they have a legal permit to do so, the warning noted.

It also warned against the illegal use and sale of large fireworks such as BajangKulap (rose), Jarot (rocket), Kaikai (chicken egg) fireworks.

Regarding the use of the smaller, traditional firecrackers, the municipality warned that caution is to exercised and for firecrackers to be set off only in paces where the festivities are taking place.

“Chinese firecrackers must be used at the appropriate places only, at shrines or where rituals are being performed… If you see anyone not following the law, please inform the police,” said the warning.
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